a sainthood gene
darata has 1984  
seeks hostage

About Megan A. Volpert



a sainthood gene

she would remain lovely like scenery
while the price of citron was up
even on conference calls

until nobody blamed her special features
mistaking one for the camel’s eyelash
fairness cherished as plastic spoon

but everything paisley is temperamental
this is inside audrey hepburn’s thyroid
she did mean well almost exclusively



darata has 1984

the different revolution presented
he makes up for a living as they like
deceit goes and goes on his ideas
for the most part a focused rote
not real rely rebel he starts he eyes
he asks and missions to destroy
cot hours on end impossible
vaporized trace existed little mite
but most likely not at all

she likes to break
split stinks nothing can enjoy
danger better danger worse break
rely care fixing if she can
like eat fine things on the game
she did not care out loud
bright trouble knows hiding places
how upper and outer
like blind just away for rebellion
she went along she thought
followed ideas followed ideas

now we move
like part of the liege
unknown reveled follower
a member of the someone
a book delivered
but then really an agent




we have accepted seven packages from unknown persons
and brought them on board several aircrafts

mug shot goes click

our emergency contact has been dead for many years
we will our library to invisible friends

paper trail goes click

we fed every single animal we could throw to
they molested themselves afterward

zoo keeper goes click

if this poem is confusing
check yes or no

go click



seeks hostage

sunday morning bearing no resemblance to morning paper
imbued with politics a cup of coffee a stein even
portly as concrete blocks
television on their shoulders
solid and as yet unspilt             no clouds in it
cartographers define a vacuum in this way

directionless fantasy curled amidst fascist history
where if                        on a good day
in the eye of the mind of the future
elephants some other color than pink brown gray white
sing the song of childhood sitcom            and at the bridge
there shall narrative make itself known
with morning paper sleeping stoic in blue bin



is a performance poet from Chicago who has settled in Atlanta with her partner, Mindy. Volpert holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University, and currently teaches High School English. The four poems in this edition of LOCUSPOINT are from her second full-length collection, the desense of nonfense, forthcoming from BlazeVOX Books in 2009. She published two collections in 2007: face blindness also with BlazeVOX and domestic transmission, a chapbook with MetroMania Press. Her other publications credits include columbia poetry review, Exquisite Corpse and MiPOesias Magazine. This self-proclaimed love child of Joan Jett and Tina Fey has shared microphones with a wide range of poets: from Christian Bök, Andrei Codrescu, and Alice Notley, to Laura Mullen, Collin Kelley and Buddy Wakefield. Volpert has been in competition at the National Poetry Slam, and is a board member of Poetry Atlanta Inc.  Her website is