Est. 2006


A Community-Centered Approach to Literary Publishing

Each edition of LOCUSPOINT is built on a set of cities or regions. Editors in each location are tasked with locating poetry community within their areas to whatever extent or degree they experience it by selecting seven poets whose work they want to highlight. Each poet contributes five poems to the edition. The Editor writes an introduction to his or her selections to comment on the poetry scene where they live.

A Resource for Poets

LOCUSPOINT is always interested in exposing the work of poetry gears across the country; to that end, each edition will feature a set of community links and poetry resources for each city or region. Poets seeking community can come to LOCUSPOINT and make connections—find services, publishers, poets, editors, classes, community centers, and so forth.


Managing Editor


Support for LOCUSPOINT

I am grateful to Arizona State University's Entrepreneurial Advantage Grant program for providing funding that allows this project to continue.

If you'd like to make a financial or in-kind contribution, please contact Charles Jensen for more information.


Submitting to LOCUSPOINT


If you are interested in participating in LOCUSPOINT by serving as an editor, please contact Charles Jensen.

We currently have no plans to include critical work or interviews, although we may elect to include this type of work on a case by case basis. Please query first before pitching editorial work of this type.

LOCUSPOINT does not explicitly seek work related to place or location, although each Editor may discover in the diversity of their submissions an overarching connection among work.

Each Editor is solely responsible for the solicitation and selection of work for their area.

General submission queries may be sent to Charles Jensen by using the link above.