30 NOVEMBER 2011


Background Station                                                                        
The World to Come                                    

About Jaimie Gusman




The flowering waterbeds                              I’ve dreamt of                              this place
                                                             abandoned boxes                              the tallest canopy of


green dust Find red and black                              drums around              the oyster beds               Waiting


by the shoreline                               our whole lives I’ve dreamt


To share one                              death, a life in it/s infinite                               musical gesture To swim under
                                                                                           a doom-lit death                              I’ve dreamt
                                                                                           To become heavy      as the moon                    is


My iridescent wave                               good-bye: I step over                               a dirt road,
                                                                                           the rippling


 highway above a roomful                               I’ve dreamt of beloved things I’ve dreamt of


My mother              the question would I like to take off my dress                              I’ve dreamt of choosing
                                                                                           wade in the silver pools                               wave in the still          Earth,


I cannot stay                            long                                                            I say but I want to lie about this I want to say (I’ve dreamt)


I cannot leave                               I cannot hang up my dress
                                                                                           take off my shoes (I’ve dreamt to)                 hide them in mud                               I want to live
                                                                                           as statue                              sewn to the middle of the forest                              I’ve dreamt  to  
                                                                                           it is better here                              That tomorrow I will see you                              this place


not having                                                                                           ((I’ve dreamt of))
                                                                                           to remember a face 
                                                                                           any of them.



Background Station
                                                                                           the alarm clock, the snooze, the numbers, the keys, the steering wheel, the accelerator, you, a suitcase
                       open                              dream that                                      at a carnival       the apparition
                                                                                           crowded faces                              around a crow                              she was dead Rose
                                                                                           and now, Fay,                              and now Bernard and now
                                                                                           The family is gone has built stones,                               crows all over the cars
   Stay?                               [the simple movement/pan left] the parking lot is full
                                                                                           The ferris wheel is empty and now, love it is simple lives inside                               my party dress               my under dressed
     automobile painted green                              the forest where a plane                               crashed and sunk a planet crashed and sunk                 the car
                                                                                           Didn’t make it the airport waited
                                                                                           I intentionally got lost                               apparition in the crowd
                                                                                           The faces on the ferris wheel                              the blue, the green, the
                                                                                           purple ashes shaken from the trees rain, rain Rain! The amount is enclosed from her face                               an ambulance, tinnitus           the phone
                                                                                           I am here, I am here you walk down pavement like sand pavement like        stopping here is the car              it is black like the crows        it sings
                                                                                           We are driving  I was waking up
                                                                                           I was sleeping the forest                                                             was                    green               around a Rose
                                                                                           How was it?                               The soaring, then
                                                                                           coming down,
                                                                                           heavy rain
                                                                                           since 3 AM
                                                                                           intervals of  15,                              the snooze                               the phone ringing
                                                                                           inside your suitcase my shoe, the trees        a key



The World To Come

Yes, we are too lazy to be dead.  Yes, this is a command. Her heart opens as they try the clamp with the iron tips. Her heart opens the many doors which they ask for. Yes this is your daughter digging a hole planting hairs from her scalp. Into your love-cavity we go. Did you get my note? When they buried her the sign on her back was a geo-location. There were so many o’s on her skin in her name and this made the women round as the tunneling winds. Did you get my map? I dare you to find me, find us. Yes, this is a command.



lives in Honolulu where she is a PhD candidate at the University of Hawaii, an instructor of creative writing and composition, and runs the M.I.A. Art & Literary Series. Her work has been published nationally and internationally by Unshod Quills, Hearing Voices, Hawaii Women’s Journal, Tinfish Press, Spork Press, Shampoo, Anderbo, Juked, Barnwood, DIAGRAM, Dark Sky Magazine, 2 River Review, The Dirty Napkin Review, and others. She has a chapbook coming out from Tinfish Press, as well as a chapbook coming out from Highway 101 press this year.